The site is the online shop (e-shop) of the company " A. Spiropoulos & Co - CLOTHING RETAIL" , email:[email protected] The primary concern of the company is the quote of the terms governing the rights and obligations of the website to all you, that visit its websites to get you informed about your rights and obligations and your best service in searching and purchasing the products you want to buy from its store.


Essential condition for the beginning of our between us reconcilliation is the notification from your side of your certain personal elements. When you make an order, we will ask you to complete full name, the address that we will dispatch the products, the number of your constant telephone (or any other telephone you want), your electronic address (e-mail address), etc. and in case you select your payments to become via credit card and the number and date of expire. This data, with no way will not be revealed, publicised or sold in third person, unless is imposed by some Public Authority (court etc).

Your sensitive data, are notified in the responsible bank (eg number of credit card) and ARE ERASED by our base, immediately after the completion of your order, ensuring in this way bigger level of safety., following unswervingly the principle of protection of personal data that are forecasted by the relative laws and international conventions they can not proceed to any illicit and without your previous approval use. with no way does not reveal, publishes, sells, exchanges your personal data and information that you entrust to us. Exceptionally it can be publicised personally your elements from the company, always observed the forecasted from the law process when this is imposed by Public Beginning, court etc. it has the ability of using cookies as part of facilitation, but also operation of services via its web page. Cookies are small files (text files), which are dispatched and kept in users’ computer, allowing web pages as to function uneventfully without technical abnormalities, collecting multiple choices of user, recognizing the frequent users, improving their online experience, facilitating their access in it and for the collection of data in improvement of content of web page. Cookies do not cause damage in users’ computers, neither in their files that are stored in them.

Identity of web page

The address of our page is: This web page belongs in the company: A. Spiropoulos & Co.

The company arranges itself with the national and European lawful ambit regarding the protection of data of personal character.

Which data we collect and why we collect them?

When visitors come in our web page, we collect address IP of the visitor and the technical identity of visitors browsing program, in order to improve the experience of use and help in detection of undesirable messages and violations of safety. Also, we collect the elements that you send to us in communication forms or other for as long as required for their sending via email in us with the necessary legal basis your consent for each aim of treatment that you have been notified, such as, name, surname, telephone, e-mail, address, date of birth.

Forms of communication

When you write in communication forms we collect the data that you gave us asking each time for your consent in sending of this information in us on the aim that is reported and described in corresponding check box that you will have preselected before the consent.


Cookies are small text files that contain information stored in your computer's web browser while browsing the happysizes website and can be removed at any time. The way to remove cookies is very simple and we designate it on your behalf so that you can choose whether or not you want to keep cookies on our site. Below you will find ways to remove them from your browser.

We use cookies for the best possible functioning of the site, a proper browsing without technical problems, linking and moving to the pages as well as for providing promotional content based on your interests and needs. We also use cookies to analyze how visitors use our site, how they navigate to it or whether they are experiencing a problem (technical or other) to solve it, and to improve its structure and content and the graphical environment of

A prerequisite for the legitimacy of the operation of all the cookies used by our site is your consent in a positive way and in particular the selection of a separate tick box for each category of cookies except from the operation of the site. Also, in accordance with our website's compliance with the new General Regulation of the European Union (2016 / 679EE) as well as the domestic law on the protection of personal data, our website and our company offer you the choice, with your positive action for each of our actions and for each described purpose of data collection operations, of all possibilities for the categorization of cookies and the free withdrawal of your consent at any time.

Content from other web pages

The articles in this web page include probably incorporated content (eg video, pictures, articles etc.). The incorporated content from other web pages behave with the same precise way as if the visitor visited the other web page.

This web pages collect probably data about you, they use cookies, they incorporate moreover follow-up of third part and they watch your interaction with this incorporated content, included the detection of your interaction with the incorporated content, if you have account and is have been connected in this specific web page.

Notification of data in third parties

The websites of A. Spiropoulos and Co. may include links to other sites, including sites maintained by other members of A. Spiropoulos and Co. Ltd. and which are governed by other privacy statements the content of which may differ from this Privacy Statement. Please review the privacy policy of each site you visit before submitting any personal data to it. While we try to provide links only to websites that share our high standards and respect for privacy, we are not responsible for the content, security, or privacy practices of other sites.

Which rights do you have in your data?

If you have created an account in this website or have left any comments, you can ask to receive an exported file of personal data that we maintain for you, including any data that you have provide us. You can also ask us to erase the personal data that we maintain for you. This does not include data that are compelled to observe for administrative, lawyers or reasons of safety. Also, you can connect in our system with the code that you have and see, modify and erase all the data that you have create yourself and are observed in your own user account.

Succinct your rights are the following:

☐ Retraction of consent
☐ Demand of access
☐ Correction of personal data
☐ Deletion of personal data
☐ Restriction of treatment of data of personal character
☐ Demand of portability of personal data
☐ Contestation of treatment of data of personal character
☐ Demand with regard to the automated decision-making and the creation profile

How we protect your data?

Your data are protected from systems of safety of network place that they ensure that it is very difficult to achieved not permitted access. Also, is used powerful encryption at the transmission of information that you give us.

The network place is supervised in 24-hour base by a system of dissuasion of invasions and specialised personal certified in the safety of systems which watches the protection of your data aiming at the dissuasion of threats, the briefing of beginnings and your briefing of in the event any violation.

Simultaneously our company has taken all the suitable technical and organizational measures for the guarantee of disclosure each action.

From which third parties we receive data?

We do not take any information about our visitors from third parties.

Automated decision-making and/or determination of visitors’ profile

For the protection of our web page we use multiple meters of safety that take automated decisions regards the nature of each visit aiming at the guarantee of tech code and the integrity of our base of data. These systems block probably your access in our web page. In case that such something happens, you can communicate with us in order to cancel blocking.

Requirements of data notification

In case that is required by the being in effect institutional ambit or by police beginning or exists official decision of court or independent beginning, we are probably compelled to communicate personal data that concern in the visitors of our web page.


All rights of intellectual property (copyright) in this web page belongs in Vivalous and are protected from Greek, European and International Legislation. Are expressly prohibited copy, distribute, transport, transformation, storage, reproduce, republicate, modify photographs, logos, texts and all kind of files that are provided by Vivalous in the web page and in all the social means that allocate. All the above can be used only with explicit previous written consent of Vivalous company.


Users with their participation in a Competition of Vivalous provide explicitly in the Organizing company the consent and their authorization according to Law 2472/1997 and Law 3471/2006 on the use and treatment of their personal elements and data of personal character, which notify themselves for the aim and in the ambit of Competition.

In case that some participant does not wish his communication to be continued with the Organizer in the ambit of Competition and/or are not used his data for the above aims and/or are erased his data and is not dispatched to him any promotional or other communication than the Organizer, even if previously it had provided his consent relatively, it has the possibility of notifying his refusal in any stage of process communicating via email in the address [email protected] and/or in telephone +30 2310222747.


In the prices that are entered in the relative lists by each product is included VAT (24%). These prices concern the quantities that are available in our warehouse, while reserves its right readjusting the prices, explicitly comprehended that any change of prices does not influence orders that have already been places from the customer and that will be executed with the price that was in effect at the placement of order.


The products that are sold by the web page have been chosen with attention and care. The characteristics and other data of sold products are available and you can inform them following the search guide that is mentioned in our web pages. Making “click” in the name of corresponding product you can see its description, as also and the details in the photographs.


The web page as well as Cardlink - Eurobank use protocol SSL, on safe online commercial transactions. In this way encrypt all your personal information, as the number of credit card, the name and your address, so that they cannot be read or be changed at their transport via Internet.

Protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), is today world standard in the internet for the certification of network places (web sites) in the network users and for the encryption of data between the network users and web servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires all information that is dispatched between a customer and server encrypted by the software of send and encrypted by the software of acceptance, protecting this way personal information at their transport. Moreover, all the information that are dispatched with protocol SSL, are protected from a mechanism that automatically ascertains if the data have been changed at their transport.


For the facilitation and service of all that they wish to buy from our eshop, it allocates the following alternative ways of payment: With the debit of your credit card. The debit of your credit card becomes the day that begins the process of shipping. And only if the product that you selected is available. it has taken all the essential measures for the safety of your transactions through your credit cart.


  1. Advertising messages: provides its users the ability of selecting their information for the new products that allocate in the market and for other offers, settlements of payment etc with advertising - informative messages in their electronic or postal address or via the telephone. it will not use abusively the above service. Always is given the users the ability of interruption of reception of advertising messages.
  2. Modification of terms of present: maintains the right to modify or renew the terms and the conditions of transactions. Our company undertakes the obligation to inform the present text on any change or addition in the terms.
  3. Applicable Law: All the transactions that you make via are conditioned by the International and European right that regulates subjects regards the electronic trade as well as from the applicable national and community legislation about protecting consumers (L. 2251/1994) that regulates subjects regards distance sales..
  4. According to directive 2013/11/EU, which was incorporated in Greece under Joint Ministerial Decision 70330/2015, It is possible to solve consumer disputes electronically through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process, which is now foreseen throughout the European Union. If the customer is a consumer (ie a natural person acting outside of a professional capacity) and has any problem with a purchase he has made from our Website, he can initiate the ADR process through the single EU-wide online dispute resolution platform (platform ODS), available at

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